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If you are considering relocating to Caithness and Sutherland get in touch. The Recruit North Highlands Team are on hand to help you.

The Recruit North Highlands Initiative is led by the Caithness Chamber of Commerce, we are real people with a genuine passion for our beautiful region.

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What is Recruit North Highlands?

Recruit North Highlands is an initiative that aims to promote Caithness and Sutherland as an excellent place to live, work, study and invest. The team at Recruit North Highlands provide advice and support to both businesses and individuals to address skills shortages in the region and to promote the available opportunities for those looking to relocate to the area.

The project is coordinated by the Caithness Chamber of Commerce, through the Focus North partnership.

The services provided by Recruit North Highlands are as follows:

  • Assistance to businesses in promoting job vacancies and addressing skills shortages in their teams.

  • Relocation advice and support, helping individuals to find the information they need to move to the region.

  • Join the candidate’s network and allow Recruit North Highlands to match your skill set with employers in the region with vacancies.

  • Showcasing the vibrant lifestyle and the many reasons to choose to relocate to the North Highland region.

    How is Recruit North Highlands different from any other online job forum?

    Recruit North Highlands is more than a recruitment website that advertises job opportunities from across Caithness and Sutherland. We offer advice and support to individuals looking to relocate to the region as well as connecting job seekers with employers through our candidate’s network.

    A large proportion of the website is dedicated to the lifestyle attributes of our beautiful region. You will find content from our ambassadors- real people who live and work in the area, sharing their stories on why they chose to make our beautiful region their home.

    We also support businesses with the promotion of opportunities and support and advice on recruitment challenges. As part of the Caithness Chamber of Commerce, our mission is to create a vibrant economy within the North Highlands that is successful, sustainable and diverse.

    Where can I find help and advice about relocation to Caithness and North Sutherland?

    There has never been a better time to relocate to our region. Join our network and allow Recruit North Highlands to match your skill set with employers.

    Fancy a chat? If you want to find out more about the fantastic opportunities available for you to create your dream life in the north of Scotland, book a one-to-one call with our Tallent Attraction Specialist, Lindsay who can help you take the leap towards your dream life and support you with your move to the region.