Why did Recruit North Highlands start?

The Recruit North Highlands initiative started due to the recognition of common constraints of the growth of local business as well as large public sector organisations. Businesses of the North Highlands were seen to be struggling to recruit suitably qualified and experienced personnel to fill job vacancies. The initiative aims to promote the North Highland region as a place to live and work by demonstrating the desirable lifestyle through blog posts and informative content while posting job adverts to recruit sought for candidates to apply for these job opportunities.

Who should use Recruit North Highlands?

Recruit North Highlands is available to everyone. The jobs advertised will be for highly qualified professionals. However, throughout the website you will learn about the North Highland area and will come across links, featured in the website content, which will take you to additional job forums for Caithness and North Sutherland, and other various websites which will give you additional in depth information regarding the area.

How is Recruit North Highlands different from any other online job forum?

Recruit North Highland is more than a recruitment website that advertises job opportunities of the North Highland region. A large proportion of the website is dedicated to the lifestyle attribute of the North Highlands.

How do I change my email address/password?

To change your registered email address and/or password you will need to navigate to Employers on the top menu bar. A drop down will appear, click My Account. Now click either account details or edit your password and account details. You will then have access to change your email address and/or password.




Where does a candidate go once they click on my job advert?

Once a candidate has clicked on a job advert – they will have the option to apply for that job opportunity by clicking apply for job. Candidates can then choose an appropriate C.V. and write a cover letter then submit their application.

Which package is best for our company?

The best package for each company varies. To be advised on which is the best package for your company call the office on 01847 890076 or email us at You will be required to answer a few short questions so we can advise on the best package.

How do I contact a job applicant?

Please contact a job applicant, for business use only, using their contact details provided on their C.V.

What is a featured post?

By selecting a package which features a Featured Post, your job advert will automatically remain at the top of the job listings.

How do I edit/delete a job post?

Unfortunately, once the job advert has been submitted for approval, you are unable to edit the job post. However, if you require any changes to be made to the job advert email us at and we can make these changes as soon as possible. You can delete your job post at any time from the Job Dashboard – please be aware that if you delete a job post in error you may be charged for reposting – email us at and we can reinstate the post in question.

I have completed a job advert but did not post the advert before exiting – Can I still access it?

Unfortunately, if you don’t save and publish the job advert before exiting, the job advert will automatically be deleted.

What happens if I accidentally delete a job advert?

Email us at with all the relevant job details and we will repost the job advert for you.