The North Highlands seeks to develop the knowledge and skills of the community through excellent educational systems, work experience, training courses and apprenticeships.

The educational system of the North Highlands is excellent and provides individuals with rich information to develop their skills and knowledge, increasing their employability potential and enhancing their chances of a successful university career.

Sound Production Education at North Highland College

Sound Production, Alness – Photo by the North Highland College

The area offers individuals, both local and from afar with the opportunity to attend and study at the University of the Highlands and Islands – two of the campuses are located in Thurso and Alness. The university is equipped with countless diverse courses to cater for all individual’s future career aspirations, from short vocational courses through to full PHD programmes.

Across the region there is easy access to pre-schools and nursery facilities, both morning and afternoon. The area further offers after school clubs for children whose parents are in full-time employment.

Additionally, the North Highlands is host to various primary and secondary schools throughout the area, providing students with an undeniably remarkable education system. Click here to find out more about the schools within the area. The North Highlands are home to numerous secondary education facilities in both Caithness and Sutherland including Thurso High School, Golspie High School, Wick High School and Farr High School. Depending on where you are situated within the region, your catchment school will vary.

The North Highlands offer school children a bus service to travel to and from school. The service is free of charge for those who qualify and live outwith a specified radius, however other children can still take advantage of this service for a small fee. Click here to find out more about the North Highlands school transport system.

A number of vocational opportunities are available to students who seek to pursue a career as opposed to continuing education. This can be in the form of apprenticeships – enabling trade apprentices to develop and enhance their skills through work-based learning. Similarly, modern apprenticeships – which aim to meet the needs of industry requirements, preparing young individuals leaving school or college for the world of work – are also available. Visit Skills Development Scotland & Hospitality North Highlands to find out more. Finally, University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) and local training providers – HelCat Training and Safety Training Solutions – offer a range of short vocational courses.

Developing the Young Workforce, an initiative established by the Scottish Government has been adopted by Caithness Chamber of Commerce to provide individuals with the opportunity to engage in modern apprenticeships, enabling young people to study and work throughout the duration of the employment contract. Developing the Young Workforce is an initiative within the North Highlands with the purpose of developing better partnerships between employers and education providers to ensure that education focuses on employment and progression in learning.

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