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Spooky goings on in the North Highlands

To celebrate Halloween, we thought we’d share some spooky tales from the North Highlands. Nothing too scary of course, we’d hate to put you off your relocation with tales of witchcraft! A recent article in the local newspaper told us about a new online map created by Edinburgh University academics which highlights cases of people accused of

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Environmentally aware North highlands.

This week, I’d like to talk about something that’s been playing on my mind. We read headlines daily about the effects of our actions and our businesses actions on our planet. Ok, count me in, let’s do something about it, I thought. This was the start of my new found appreciation for the businesses in

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Celebrating the taste of the North Highlands

With the ancient traditions and rhythms of farming life, with the bringing in of the harvest, throughout the world autumn is a time to celebrate food and drink, and the North Highlands is no different. With the nights drawing in and the weather growing colder, what better time to draw the curtains, light the fire

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