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An exciting future for the North Highlands?

Looking at our recent vacancy for a Business Development Manager with the Caithness & North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership has made us think about what exciting things might be coming down the line for the North Highlands in the coming years.  Rather than focus here on specific projects, we’d like to talk about the bigger picture. As we’re all

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The Earl of Sutherland statue

An Autumnal walk in Sutherland

As the nights start to shorten and the trees begin to have that gorgeous, orange glow, I decided to not let another year slip by. You know how it is with the ‘on your doorstep’ activities. At least for a while this year we could say ‘we weren’t allowed to travel that far’ but at

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Lockdown creativity

We’ve mentioned so many times how the North Highlands of Scotland acts as inspiration for many creative people. Artists, makers, writers and musicians have taken inspiration from our landscape, people, stories and culture and that hasn’t stopped even in the face of a global pandemic. We’re thrilled to see that even though we’re currently unable

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