Scrabster Harbour Seeks New Leader to Chart Future Course.

Scrabster Harbour, the northernmost mainland port of Britain, is in search of a Trust Manager to steer its operations into the future.

After steering the bustling port for well over a decade, Trust Manager Sandy Mackie is preparing to retire, leaving behind a legacy of success and growth.

Situated in a strategic position on the far north coast of Scotland, Scrabster serves as a bustling economic hub for both the local and regional communities. Its port estate is a hive of activity, encompassing ferry services, fishing operations, handling domestic and international cargoes, facilitating energy activities, welcoming cruise ships, and offering leisure amenities alongside a diverse property portfolio.

The Chief Executive equivalent role of Trust Manager presents an exciting opportunity to take up the helm and lead Scrabster into the future. Noteworthy investments in recent years have significantly enhanced the harbour’s infrastructure and amenities, laying a robust foundation for continued growth and success, including the redevelopment of St Ola pier which has sparked new growth in Cruise vessel visits, with the port recently welcoming its largest vessel to ever berth at the port.

The successful candidate will lead the £ 5 million turnover organisation, employing 20 members of staff in the future. The Trust is seeking applications from candidates with an established track record in business, with strong financial and managerial skills. Further information about the Trust Manager role can be found on the Recruit North Highlands website.

Reflecting on his time at Scrabster, Sandy highlights that strategic location and modern port infrastructure have allowed the port to broaden and increase its range of sectors and underscores the potential in supporting offshore wind development.

With over 15 years of experience as Trust Manager, native Caithnessian Sandy Mackie emphasises the opportunity to contribute to the future development of the harbour and Caithness whilst at the same time discharging the original obligation and mission of the Trust. Sandy shares, “The Trust is the guardian of the Harbour, entrusted not only with maintaining and caring for its assets but also if possible their improvement for the benefit of future generations.”

As a child, my father and I would spend our weekends exploring the harbour and looking at the fishing boats. I was fascinated by its activity and history. I am proud that in my time at the Trust, we have managed to improve the harbour, and what you see here today will remain for decades providing economic benefit and opportunity.”

“The Trust had a development vision that recognised strategic location alone does not deliver competitive advantage. A port needs to offer the right infrastructure, facilities and services. I am proud that the Trust has delivered the vision to better position the port. Over £38 million has been invested in the Port over the last decade delivering modern commercial and multi-use port infrastructure.”

“In terms of achievements, we have delivered two complex large marine projects below budget. The investment has quickly reaped rewards through increased financial performance and profitability for the Trust. But the local community and economy have also benefited. Independent economic assessment has demonstrated that the jobs dependent on Scrabster Harbour’s existence, and other economic metrics have greatly increased.”

“Traditionally the Port had been associated with ferries and fishing. Today we have a very diversified sector base including international trade. The increased capacity of the port allows us to accommodate larger and deeper vessels, with bigger and heavier cargoes.  But there are also new and exciting opportunities ahead.”

“There is significant opportunity in offshore wind, and we are ideally located for developments off our shores. We have an aspiration to become an operations and maintenance port.”

“The Trust Board of Management is appointed from the local community and the port is a significant anchor organisation in the Caithness community. The Trust Manager plays a role in engaging with key economic and socio-economic groups, stakeholders and forums.”

“The Trust Manager position offers an incredibly varied role, but it also offers the opportunity to live in what I regard as a wonderful part of the world. Boasting a great local community, beautiful scenery and a fantastic place to raise a family.”

“I take special pride in the development works which I have been involved in, these are a great testament to the team devising, procuring, funding, de-risking and delivering these. Scrabster already plays a significant role in the region and there is a bright future ahead for the Trust.”

“The Scrabster story never ends, the characters and the faces change, but we are in a fantastic position to move into the next chapter. It’s been a fantastic honour to be part of the Harbour and I look forward to what’s in store in the coming decades.”

If you would like to discuss the port and its operations, please contact the current Trust  Manager, Sandy Mackie on 01847 892779.


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