Hidden Gems of the North Highlands

The North Highlands are packed with lots of wonderful hidden gems! They are scattered all over the beautiful region… A perfect excuse to explore! Want to know more!? Read on…

Whaligoe Steps

Now this is a must see!! You might find it slightly difficult to find as it isn’t sign posted, but with Google Maps at our finger tips, locating Whaligoe Steps should be a breeze.

Whaligoe Steps – an old harbour with 300+ steps, is absolutely breath taking and the view is unbelievable!! It isn’t an area which is crammed with tourists… Not that we are complaining! Being able to have this area to yourselves sounds like a dream and it’s a perfect spot for a picnic! And if you forget your picnic basket… There is a small café at the top of the steps – the finest place to enjoy a warm cuppa and a bite to eat – and its veggie friendly!

Photo by Adam Court – Licensed by CC BY 2.0

Dunbeath Strath

Unlike many other moorland areas of Caithness, Dunbeath Strath is considered sheltered and wooded. The Dunbeath Strath route partly follows the Dunbeath Heritage Trail and takes you past the famously historical gorge known as the ‘Prisoner’s Leap. It is an incredibly pretty and scenic walk… You don’t want to miss out!

Smoo Cave

Smoo Cave… A real hidden treasure that us Highlanders are lucky enough to have right on our doorstep! The large cave, which is set into limestone cliffs, is 200 feet long, 130 feet wide and 50 feet high! If you fancy venturing up to Durness, Sutherland, you can explore this cave by boat or by path! A guided tour will fill you in on all the history this stunning discovery has to offer.

Photo by Jakub Solovský – Licensed by CC BY 2.0

Dunnet Forest

Dunnet Forest… One of my favourite places to visit and the best place for kids to adventure around. The forest is huge! 104 hectares to be exact. It is the most Northerly woodland area on the British mainland and lies South of a small village, Dunnet. Not only is there copious amounts of mature trees but there is also sculptures, a ginormous wooden xylophone and it is the perfect spot for bird watching! Close by is the most incredible beach, with golden sand which goes on for miles! So if you are visiting one, you should definitely visit the other! There is also an excellent campsite just of the beach.

Peedie Sands

A secluded, golden beach with precious views… What more could you ask for?! Peedie Sands is a brilliant location up in the North Highlands. It is just off of Dunnet Head and down a pretty steep cliff, but honestly once you are on the beach, you will never want to leave. Often you have the whole beach to yourself! Another perfect spot for a picnic on a summers day! A true hidden gem, only accessible for those who seek it out!

Photo by Penwin – Licensed by CC BY 2.0


The Caithness Broch Project

The Caithness and Sutherland regions are bursting with ancient, historic ruins… From brochs, standing stones, cairns and stone circles the North Highlands has it all. The historical existing sites aren’t the easiest to find… So if you are a keen history fanatic, do your research! You won’t be disappointed! The Caithness Broch Project have more information on their website.

Photo by John W.Schulze – Licensed by CC BY 2.0