• Photo by Caithness Bio Diversity
  • Photo by the North Highland College
  • Photo by Wendy Sutherland
  • Photo by Wendy Sutherland
  • Photo by Caithness Bio Diversity


The North Highlands offers a quiet yet desirable lifestyle. With our friendly, supportive communities, outstanding sports facilities and activities, exceptional educational systems and a significantly unique heritage, the region offers an invaluable lifestyle which is simply impeccable.

Getting around the Caithness & North Sutherland is extremely easy – with the availability of various modes of transport, traveling around is relatively stress-free. An excellent public transport service of buses and trains, which covers each area of the region or the accessibility of a short boat ferry ride to Orkney, allowing you to appreciate the luxurious views which the North Highlands has to offer. Additionally, there are short-haul flights available from the Wick John O’Groats Airport to Aberdeen and Edinburgh. The North Highlands further offers numerous taxi services which are accessible at a reasonable rate.

Wick John O'Groats Airport, North Highlands

As you travel throughout the region it will become apparent that the North Highlands provides a sought for type of environment. The North Highlands delivers a safe, peaceful environment which is perfect for a family wishing to relocate or individuals seeking a fresh approach. The region is host to many excellent schools, independent retailers, large retail developments, play parks and transport systems. The North Highlands offers residents with the opportunity to participant in various sports and activities which will suit individual preferences.

Across the North Highlands there are various pre-school and primary school options as well as various secondary education facilities which are often situated within a close proximity to each region. The North Highlands further provides the accessibility of higher education in both Thurso and Alness through the North Highland College, which is part of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). Both of these campus’ are easy to commute to and from, and offer a wide variety of highly desired and diverse courses.

ETEC Building at the North Highland College

North Highland College – ETEC


The North Highlands seek to employ highly skilled individuals to fill specific employment positions. In addition to the jobs available for highly qualified individuals, there are also positions for the younger generation. The North Highlands additionally seek to employ individuals to fill positions within the care region, general work of restaurants and hotels, bar work and shop assistants. Click here to find out more.

The North Highlands is home to countless businesses across all sectors, enabling individuals to build upon and improve their employability skills.

The North Highland area, both Sutherland and Caithness welcomes fresh residents from around the world, offering permanent accommodation to suit all taste preferences and budgets. The region presents an array of potential housing options which range from private rented, council housing and buying through mortgages. Most existing housing options offer residents great value for money, and are situated in pleasant, sought after areas which are extremely desirable and friendly. Additionally, with plenty of available land, there is an increased potential to also build your own home if preferred.