The North Highlands offers an array of sports and activities to the local community, continuously encouraging the participation of new members.


Thurso is largely known for its tremendous waves. The incredible waves provide fantastic opportunities to those who are interested in surfing, which is a significant sporting activity within the North Highlands. Thurso, widely recognised for its surfing potential is the current host destination to the Scottish Surf Championships and was the previous host destination to the O’Neill Scottish BPSA Surfing Championships.

Surfer on a large wave

Football –

The North Highlands also has plenty for the football fans with the Caithness Amateur Football Association, which is an impressive sporting activity and sees involvement from communities across the region. The football league is a competition for amateur clubs within the local area. The amateur football league often takes place during the Scottish summer months, and is a highly respected and supported sporting league by the community.

Dance –

The North Highlands have various schools throughout the area, teaching different forms of dance. A popular form of dance, strongly associated with the Scottish heritage is Highland Dancing. The dance schools teaching Highland Dancing are increasingly popular and are not only providing students with the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills during class sessions but they offer the students with the chance to compete against one another.

Tanya Horne School of Highland Dancing Ltd 

Mina Mackay School of Dance


Highland Dancing at the Halkirk Games

Photo by Wendy Sutherland


Other forms of dance which are taught within the area are gymnastics, street & disco –

Caithness Gymnastics

The Edge Dance Studio


Golf –

Golfing is an increasingly popular sport within the community of the North Highlands, always welcoming new members of all abilities. The region is home to various well maintained courses including Thurso Golf Club, Reay Golf Club and the Royal Dornoch Golf Club – a world renowned course. Within every area of the North Highlands, visitors or potential residents will be sure to seek out an impressively facilitated golf course overlooking the magnificent views of the islands and superb countryside. Thurso, the most Northerly 18 hole golf course on British mainland is open all year round, weather dependent and dedicates the golf course, different nights of the week specifically to men, ladies and juniors. The majority of the golf courses host open competitions in the North Highlands for members from April until October.

Royal Dornoch Golf Course

Royal Dornoch Golf Course. Photo by John Haslam – Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

Running –

The North Highland Harriers organise and host an annual Mey 10k, encouraging participants of all abilities to take part. The fundraising event alternates the charity to which it donates the annual event proceedings to. The flat route begins and ends at the Castle of Mey in Caithness, providing participants with an incredibly scenic view for the duration of the run.

Other –

The region hosts many other different types of sports and activities, both for leisure and competition purposes, to cater for various preferences and tastes. Additionally, the North Highlands are home to the Caithness Kayak Club, Pentland Canoe Club, Caithness Badminton Association, motorcross, horse riding, Pool Leagues in Wick & Thurso, Martial Arts, swimming clubs, Gymnastics, Dance Classes – The Edge Dance Studio; Prima Dance, fitness classes, athletics, bowling and rugby.


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