Sports & Activities of the North Highlands

The North Highlands may be the furthest area North of Scotland but that doesn’t prevent the community from the opportunity to join and take part in sporting activities. There are countless established sports and activities to cater for all the people within the North Highlands which provide and encourage members to compete with further teams across Scotland. You will be surprised at how many teams are available to join and the various activities to participate in. Our community aspires to witness and support the success of it’s individuals and therefore we try to accommodate for everyone!

We have numerous golf courses across the North Highlands, swimming clubs, drama groups, highland dancing, football, yoga, squash, kayaking.. The list could go on. Relocating up to the North of Scotland, you will definitely not be limited for options of activities to join. With the spectacular views surrounding the North Highlands, all you aspiring photographers will have the opportunity to capture magnificent sights and moments which are non-existent elsewhere.

Man fishing on the lake at sunset

Photo by Wendy Sutherland

The potential for surfers to succeed up within the North of Scotland is enormous.. The waves are tremendous! Infact, the waves are so incredible that Thurso was previously the annual host destination to the O’Neill Highland Opening Surfing Competition and is the current host destination to the Scottish National Surfing Championships. Who would have thought that somewhere so small on the map could have the ability to accommodate for an event so large?! But its possible. Never know.. With copious practice of surfing on those waves, you could be the next star!

So all you surfing fanatics, what you waiting for!?

Man surfing on a wave

Photo by Paul Wordingham – Licensed Under CC BY 2.0