Animals of the North Highlands

Are you reading this and are a crazy animal lover!? Then stay tuned… Here we will tell you about all the animals you should expect to see while living in the North Highlands. There are so many beautiful animals that we are fortunate enough to see all the time!

Of course we have to start this blog by introducing the iconic animal of the North Highlands, the ‘Highland Coo’. The Highland Coo belongs to the cattle clan and is a beautiful, and rather cute animal, with a long hairy coat!

A herd of Highland Cows

Photo by Wendy Sutherland

Farms… Ever been to one?! Up here in the North Highlands, we have farms galore! With wide open spaces, a large proportion of the community have devoted their time to breeding animals for local produce.

We have some of the cutest animals scattered about the region, and we even have a visitor’s farm called ‘Puffin Croft’ that all you guys can go and visit! They have donkeys, pigs, hens, goats, sheep and many more adorable animals.

Being the most Northern region on the mainland, the North Highlands are surrounding by the Pentland Firth and the North Sea… What does this mean!? We can see all the sea life creatures when they are close to the shore! The real lucky ones are the people who head out to see like the members of the Pentland Firth Yacht Club, they often see beautiful sea creatures such as dolphins, seals, basking sharks and whales up close. Jealous!? Join them!

A seal on the waters edge

Photo by Wendy Sutherland

The North Highlands offer tours of the area both land and sea. Caithness Seacoast offer a tour on a speed boat – a truly thrilling experience! The tour takes you to many of the amazing coastal beauties, while getting up close to various wildlife animals such as an array of birds, dolphins and seals!

Not a fan of the sea?! That’s ok – Caithness Wildlife Tours have got you covered. You can tour around the region in a minibus spying all the beautiful sites of the North Highlands. They provide high quality binoculars on board so you can spy the wildlife and sites up close!

Other types of animals you can expect to see in the North Highlands are wild deer and stags, they are absolutely stunning animals and are often found roaming the hills of the Sutherland area of Bettyhill, Tongue and Durness.

Stag in the grass

We also have lots of different species of birds including this little gem… The Puffin!

Puffin on the cliff edge

Photo by Paul Wordingham – Licensed by CC BY 2.0